Oliver Pieper's Homepage

Welcome to my little place in the World Wide Web!

Those familiar with my old page (last updated during the French Revolution) may have noticed that a lot of items are still missing. I will add some of them, as time permits.

For those curious about the author, some quick facts: I was born in 1971, work as a software engineer for Schiller-Software, and my interests include - but are not limited to - paragliding, geocaching (my stats), hiking and digital photography.

digital photography

Before the advent of digital photography, I have shot a handful of rolls of film, at most. But starting with my first digital still camera, a Kodak DC210 Plus (bought in 1999, with a whopping 1 megapixels!), I have taken well over 12000 pictures. Since a fraction of those actually turned out not too bad, at all, you are invited to take a look at some small galleries:

There is also my Panoramio page with a selection of geotagged images.

The "100% Pure New Zealand" website has been so kind to use one of my photos for the Rob Roy Glacier Track


You can find my add-ons for Martin Schweiger's Orbiter Space Flight Simulator at Orbit Hangar Mods.